Corporate photography

In today’s fast-moving world your customers and clients increasingly use visual images to understand your services and products. Your on- and offline marketing materials need to illustrate your staff and customers, services and products, events and activities, and your buildings, facilities and spaces for hire.

If the content of your photographs shows what your organisation does; the style of your photographs conveys how you work. That's why my corporate photography service is always driven by your brief: the culture you want to express, and the way you want your people, buildings, services and products to be portrayed.

Product features

Bionic hand
In this photograph I was demonstrating the amazing movement possible with this artificial hand developed by Touch Bionics, which has five articulating digits and a powered rotating thumb.

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Attracting attention

Virgin Atlantic
The Biggin Hill Air Show was a great opportunity to capture this shot of Virgin Atlantic flying with the Red Arrows - a dramatic way to promote the Virgin brand. See more examples of my photographs of planes (and cars) in my Gallery.

Organisational culture

Canterbury Cathedral
Organisational culture and the atmosphere to be convey in your images varies immensely between organisations. Here my aim was to catch the peace and beauty of Canterbury Cathedral in the early morning light.

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I was delighted to be asked to support the cross-charities 'Big IF' campaign by photographing its rally in Hyde Park on 8 June 2013. Capturing some of the charities' brands helped them promote the campaign to a much wider audience than just those at the event.

Engaging customers

British Museum
The courtyard of the British Museum in London is extremely photogenic and there are countless artistic pictures of its elegant lines and the spines of its glass roof. In this photograph I found a new angle and colour combination, to capture the atmosphere of the millions of international visitors to this world-leading cultural attraction.

Product exhibition

London Motor Show
The car industry needs no convincing that a picture speaks a thousands words, especially when those words are 'beautiful', 'sleek', 'elegant' and 'classy'! See more examples of my photographs of cars (and planes) in my Gallery.
Canada Square
For this building in Canada Square, in London's Canary Wharf, I waited until the clouds and sun were in just the right position to draw dramatic attention to the building and convey corporate strength.

See more examples of my photographs of buildings and architecture in my Gallery.