Public spaces and architecture photography

Is the area surrounding your office or activities a part of your business story? Are you seeking to promote a specific area or visitor attraction? Perhaps you work or live in a picturesque location that would make great art work for your walls or a beautiful photographic calendar?

Whatever your reason for wanting to show public spaces, buildings or landscapes, I capture unique images that tell the story you want the world to know. Some of these are shown below, there are many more in my Photography Gallery.

Putting you "on the map"

When your immediate surrounds are famous - like London and New York, it can be challenging to differentiate your use of images. That's where a bespoke photograph makes a world of difference.
Grand Central
At this time of day New York's Grand Central Station is lit up perfectly for this interior shot.

The sky's the limit

What could be more public than the sky? An image such as this one is a perfect way to express freedom, joy and a touch of adventure.

Conveying atmosphere

This is yet another side of our cities, full of colour and activity.
Houses of Parliament
The Houses of Parliament, beautifully situated on the River Thames, make for an iconic image of London.

Community fun

Cally Festival
The joy of living in a city is all the events and activities taking place. This image was from Cally Festival, held annually on Caledonian Road (The Cally), near London's Kings Cross.


There are so many ways to show a city - from a child chasing autumn leaves down the street to high-rise buildings dominating all.
Lloyds of London
A super-wide-angle, ground-level viewpoint and passing traffic with a long exposure made this shot of the famous Lloyds of London building somewhat different.